Heritage Action: Arizona House Moves to End State-Sanctioned Racial Discrimination, Passes HCR 2001

February 17, 2022

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action, a conservative organization with two million grassroots activists nationwide, including thousands of Arizonans, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson supporting the Arizona House of Representatives on the passage of HCR 2001, which would protect students and teachers from state-sanctioned racial discrimination.

“We stand with Rep. Steve Kaiser and the Arizona representatives who voted to advance HCR 2001 and stop the divisive tenets of critical race theory from being taught in Arizona public schools. CRT undermines our shared American values, and there is no place for this state-sanctioned racial discrimination in the classroom.

The Arizona Senate should immediately consider this legislation as well as SB 1211 to stop the CRT agenda from indoctrinating Arizona’s K-12 students.”


  • Last year, Heritage Action invested an initial $10 million into a first-ever state advocacy campaign to secure and strengthen state election systems. This year, Heritage Action is continuing to work with state governments and grassroots leaders to advance conservative priorities in the states.

  • In August 2021, Heritage Action announced the launch of Save Our Schools, an initiative to support parents’ rights to fight for the values of their children and weed out Critical Race Theory and its divisive teachings.

  • Throughout the past year, Heritage Action has led the fight in organizing activists against CRT in their local communities by hosting rallies and panel discussions, exposing the NEA’s pro-CRT agenda, supporting anti-CRT legislation, and preparing tools like the Reject CRT E-Book.