Heritage Action Launches Movement to Save Our Schools from Critical Race Theory

August 30, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization, announced the launch of Heritage Action’s SaveOurSchools.com — a one-stop resource for parents and concerned activists looking for ways to keep Critical Race Theory (CRT) out of the classroom.

“Our children’s schools are on the front lines of the fight for the values of the next generation. With the launch of SaveOurSchools.com, Heritage Action is arming parents with the tools they need to identify Critical Race Theory and stop this Marxist, racist ideology in their children’s classrooms. Heritage Action stands with the parents, students, and teachers who have experienced first-hand how damaging CRT is to our children. We are putting teacher’s unions and CRT proponents on notice that their time is running out and Americans will not stand idly by.”


Resources available at SaveOurSchools.com include ways to identify and report real-life examples of CRT, information on federal legislation to support, resources for local parent groups, and instructions for submitting FOIA requests to state and local agencies.

Heritage Action has led the fight in organizing activists against CRT in their local communities by hosting rallies and panel discussions, exposing the NEA’s pro-CRT agenda, supporting anti-CRT legislation, and preparing tools like the Reject CRT E-Book.