Heritage Action Supports The Combating Racist Teaching in Schools Act

August 9, 2021

Critical Race Theory (CRT) makes race the prism through which its proponents analyze all aspects of American life. Proponents of CRT claim that America is systemically racist and that this racism produced an alliance between working-class whites and the oppressor capitalist class, which prevented working-class solidarity. Or, more simply put, they believe that racial oppression exists everywhere and individuals are inherently oppressors or oppressed based solely on the color of their skin. This misplaced philosophy promotes flawed, counter-productive concepts that violate civil rights by treating people differently according to race. Unfortunately, attempts to infuse CRT into the American ethos are on the rise, and of particular concern are efforts to incorporate it in education around the country.

Instances of CRT creeping into schools across the country are rampant. For example, one school district in New York applied CRT to their “Emancipation Curriculum,” which told children that “all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism.” In Louisiana, the Orleans Parish school board recently adopted a resolution that says “our country’s racist history” is “still pervasive in today’s systems” and calls our nation “an unjust systemic racist America.” While these examples are certainly concerning, CRT’s reach has extended beyond local curricula decisions and is now rearing its head in federal policies.

To accelerate this effort, the Biden Administration proposed a rule that would allow the Department of Education to prioritize recipients to receive K-12 grants if they include critical race theory in their curriculum. While the size of the grants is relatively small compared to the amount of money the federal government spends on education, these priorities would infuse critical race theory into the United States’ largest federal education law—the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Fortunately, Congressman Chip Roy has taken action to halt these discriminatory, misguided policies by introducing H.R. 3163, the Combating Racist Teaching in Schools Act. Specifically, this legislation would prohibit federal funding from flowing to institutions that compel educators and students to affirm the assertions advanced by CRT in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

When followed to its logical conclusion, critical race theory is destructive and rejects the fundamental ideas on which our constitutional republic is based. Applying the philosophy would violate a multitude of American civil rights laws by treating people differently according to race. It should not be elevated in American classrooms.

Heritage Action encourages all Members to cosponsor Congressman Roy’s Combating Racist Teaching in Schools Act.