Heritage Action Applauds Members Who Voted to Reject CRT in the Military

September 2, 2021

WASHINGTON — Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson today released a statement applauding the House Armed Services Committee members who voted last night in favor of an amendment to the NDAA to reject critical race theory in the military:

The military should never be used as a tool to spread racist, anti-American propaganda. The attempts to force Critical Race Theory onto service members and military academies only serve to divide our military at a time when unity is more important than ever.

I applaud Rep. Jim Banks and the conservatives who took a stand today to protect our military from this divisive ideology. Americans should take note of the Democrats who voted against this amendment to prevent its passage. They not only voted to use taxpayer dollars to push Critical Race Theory into the military, but they turned their back on our men and women in uniform. But Americans will not be deterred, and they will continue the fight to protect our nation from CRT.

The amendment, offered by Rep. Jim Banks, contains language drawn from Rep. Dan Bishop and Sen. Tom Cotton’s Combating Racist Training in the Military Act, for which Heritage Action issued a key vote co-sponsorship in July. The amendment would prohibit the Armed Forces and their service academies from promoting racist theories—defined as teachings that state any race is superior or inferior to another—and the teaching of theories that state the United States or its founding are fundamentally racist. This bill and amendment would ensure defense funds are used to keep our country safe, rather than for the indoctrination of our military.